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Limited Inspections

When you are involved in the home buying process, you may need an inspector to evaluate only a specific component within the home your purchasing.  The seller may have had the roof repaired and you would like an independent evaluation of the roof to ensure a professional job.  The seller may have had some repairs completed after your initial inspection, and you want an experienced party to provide an evaluation of the repairs to protect you and your family from the problems that can occur when sub-standard workmanship has been done.  You may want to gain a better understanding of a disclosed problem before you put in an offer on the property.  We offer a special inspection of only the item in question at a fraction of the full inspection price. 

Investors, landlords, and buyers of multi-family homes can benefit from our Structural and Mechanical inspection.  Our inspector will evaluate the structure, foundation, roof, exterior, and mechanical systems within the home only.  This type of limited inspection will provide a baseline assessment of the major components within the property.  You’ll be equipped to make a more informed decision about your purchase, while saving on the cost of a whole house/building inspection. 

Whatever the job, big or small, Armored can provide a limited inspection of the items or component in need of professional evaluation, and give you the peace of mind that comes from the insight of a knowledgeable, certified inspector. 

Limited Inspections - Mechanical and Structurall

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