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New Construction & Phase Inspections

Are you getting ready to have your new home built?  How much do you know about standard building practices?  Whether you are in state, or are out of state, we can be your project manager.  Armored Home Inspections, LLC provides consulting services on all phases of new construction.  Many customers are not familiar with building practices and cannot tell if short cuts or improper building practices are being conducted.  You may not be able to visit the site to check on building progress.  Armored is there to be at your side, or represent you during the new construction of your dream home. 

We will ensure architectural conformance, perform foundation, framing, and "rough-in"/pre-drywall phase inspections, we well as pre-settlement or checklist walkthroughs.  When you are approaching the expiration of your one-year builder’s warranty, we can assist you in preparing a punch list of covered repairs.  With 15 years of contracting experience, and an eye trained to detect inconsistencies and discrepancies, from start to finish, our service can be a real asset during your new home construction. 

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