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Underground Piping / Sewer Line Scans

• If your home is older than 20 years, drains can begin to sag, collapse or become clogged.

• Mature trees that are or were in the path of the sewer line lateral, can cause the drains to become off-set, and can grow within the pipes causing blockage over time.

• If your home has not recently or never has had a ’SewerScan completed, we recommend you have this conducted.

• A failed sewer lateral line can cost anywhere from $5000 - $7000 to repair depending upon the length and defect found.  Repairs to the sewer line from the property to the city connection are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Whether you are a homeowner, buyer or seller, having a ’SewerScan conducted arms you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision about the condition of these lines. 

Roots infiltrating the Sewer Line

Image of Offset in Sewer Line

Chimney / Liner Scans

In addition to scans of the sewer lines, our advanced scope camera equipment can also be used for chimney and duct inspections. 

• A visual inspection of the chimney is typically very limited, and in most cases only the top section of the chimney and minimally visible area at the damper are able to be evaluated during this type of inspection.

• A chimney scan involves videography of the interior of the chimney/flue with a highly specialized camera on a long cable.  The images recorded and captured will enable the assessment of the flues condition from top to bottom.

• A chimney scan can help identify damaged liners, structural issues/offsets, creosote build-up, and blockage concerns.

• Unknown conditions can be discovered during this process, which can aid in determining if any necessary repairs would be recommended.

Dryer vent nearly blocked

Ductwork Scans

• A visual inspection of an HVAC’s ductwork is limited to the readily visible and accessible components, and does not provide a full understanding of the condition of ducts interior.

• A ductwork scan can help identify issues stemming from damaged or deteriorating ductwork.

• A scan of the ductwork’s interior will aid in determining if cleaning and/or maintenance is necessary, and if there are any clogs or blockage which would need to be cleared.

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