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Having Mr. Curtis Niles as a mentor for last few months, I would highly recommend Armored's Inspector Training Program.  Curtis& extensive knowledge and experience provided me valuable lessons that can not be taught in any classroom.  Every time we are on the inspection site, I was able to learn something new from him.  Also, his attitude towards the customers and his professionalism have been a paragon of inspection.  If anyone is considering becoming a home inspector as a career, Curtis is the one you want as a mentor.

- Jong Shin, Lower Gwynedd, PA 

Mentoring with Curtis has been a great experience.  His enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of inspecting a home makes it easy to learn and retain what he teaches.  Curtis is a great educator, not just an inspector who is helping to fulfill your requirements.  He is strengthening the home inspection industry as a whole by passing on his extensive knowledge and professionalism to his mentees, who as future home inspectors can have the confidence knowing they’ve had hands on field training with one of the best.  I would highly recommend Curtis as a mentor to anyone looking to get into the home inspection industry. 

- Steve Robinson, Chester County, PA 

After working with Curtis, I would recommend his mentoring program to anyone interested in becoming a Home Inspector.  I have had the opportunity to mentor with Curtis and he has taken extra time to show me how to do a thorough Home Inspection.  Curtis has impressed me with his professionalism and knowledge to inform the client of facts and functions of the property. 

- Jack Kurtz, Collegeville, PA 

While doing an Internet search on home inspections, I came across Curtis Niles and his mentoring program.  Joining his program was one of the best decisions I have made.  He is a consummate professional.  His knowledge of home inspections and his ability to impart that knowledge to both his trainee and the home owner, in understandable terms, is excellent.  Every time we are on an inspection I have learned something new.  If you are considering a career as a home inspector, this is the person you want as a mentor. 

- Fred Coldwell, Spring City, PA 

I have been mentoring with Curtis Niles of Armored Home Inspections, LLC for the past two months.  I have experienced his inspections 18 times and can attest to his thorough inspections, his ability to interact with the customers and to educate them about their home, and his fairness and honesty throughout the process. 

- N. Barkon, Delaware County, PA 

I found Mr. Curtis Niles to be a consummate professional who conducts his business with a well-deserved pride and confidence.  The inspection process was smooth, thorough and concise, and his rapport with the client was one of concern and understanding.  All in all I would say anyone looking for a model on which to base a successful home inspection business would need look no further than Curtis Niles and Armored Home Inspection.  I know I will integrate much of what I saw yesterday into my business practice and am thrilled to find similarities in our approach to this industry. 

- B. Naff, Principle Inspector at Architech Home Inspections LLC, Hawaii
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I have been extremely fortunate to have Curtis Niles as a mentor.  The hands on experience provided has given me valuable knowledge required to properly perform home inspections that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.  From his many years of entrepreneurial experience he has been able to give me beneficial information on successfully navigating through the daily operations of running a home inspection business. 

- Robert Briggs, Cheltenham, PA

I recently made the decision to acquire the necessary training and start a home inspection business.  After joining NAHI and attending a few local chapter meetings, it was clear as to whom the true professionals in the business are, one of them being Curtis Niles of Armored Home Inspections, Inc.  I spent the next few months training under the guidance of Curtis as he provided me with the skills and know how of not only what to look for on the inspection but also what is needed to run a successful inspection business.  As I progressed through my training and started performing my own inspections, the Armored Home Inspections team of Curtis and Lori has always been available to support me when needed.  It has been a pleasure having Curtis as a mentor and an honor to consider him a colleague and friend. 

- T. W. Bartholetti, Chester County, PA

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