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Good home ownership starts with good home maintenance practices.  Many times major problems and financial burden can be avoided by the routine evaluation of your home’s main components and systems.  A professional inspection can help you identify and prioritize necessary maintenance and repairs.  Our Armored inspection team is here to help ensure that the condition of your home will continue to protect your family and valuables, not endanger them. 

Here are some of the items that we can inspect to assist you with your home maintenance program.


Roofs - Roof surface, flashing areas, roof vents, chimneys, gutters, and downspouts

Grading - Soil grading, slope and drainage

Foundation - Foundations are inspected for severe cracking, bulging, displacement that can indicate a structural concern or result in costly water damage

Electrical Breakers - Circuit breakers at the electrical panel are tested for normal function

Landscaping - Shrubbery, tree limbs, roots in close proximity to home

Driveways - Driveway surface is checked for damage, cracks, and settlement

Deck / Balcony - Decking material, joist hangers, deck fasteners, piers/footers, top railing, balusters, and stairs

Heating System - Heating system operation, heat exchanger, blower fan and filter, heat distribution, circulator, draft control, flue pipe and controls

A/C System - Air conditioning system operation, compressor, coils, pump, condensate lines, and ductwork

Fireplace - Fireboxes, insert panels, damper, smoke chamber, and flue

Termite Inspection - Annual inspections to ensure your home is termite free, is one of our specialties

Radon Testing - The Dept. of Environmental Protection recommends testing your home for Radon levels each year


Building Exterior - Home’s exterior surface, wood trim, fascia, soffits, and caulking/capping around windows

Water Heater - Water heater operation, burner chamber, valves, fittings, and pipe unions

Garage Doors - Garage door operation, springs, safety cables, track, door panels and hardware

Plumbing Lines - Waste lines, water supply lines, kitchen and bath drain lines, plumbing valves and hose bibs

Our fees are billed at an hourly rate, so we can be there to inspect as much or as little as you need.  You will receive a detailed report including photos of the items inspected and recommendations for any necessary repairs.  Feel free to contact us to learn more! 

Listed below are some additional homeowner maintenance items that you can perform on your own. 


Clean Refrigerator Coils - Refrigerator coils collect dust.  Dust builds up behind the refrigerator and reduces the units’ ability to operate at peak performance.  This condition consumes more electricity to keep refrigerated items cold.  Checking this area at quarterly intervals and cleaning when necessary will help you save some of your ’hard earned’ money. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Another cost saving and fire safety item is your dryer exhaust vent.  Build up of lint occurs in all exhaust vents and when this condition occurs, the dryer runs much longer to dry the same amount of clothes, thereby costing you more money to operate.  Plastic vents are known to pose a fire safety risk if not in good condition.  Also air leaks in the vent can produce high humidity levels in the home which can lead a health concerns.  Checking at this interval will determine if cleaning or vent replacement is warranted.

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GFCI / AFCI Receptacles - These special receptacles are designed for the occupant’s safety.  These devices are sensitive and have been found to be defective right from the store.  Testing to ensure normal operation is an exercise in safety worth practicing. 

Caulking / Grout - Many homes today have ceramic tile or other solid surface material that utilizes grout and caulk.  Bathrooms and kitchens are common areas where these materials are found.  Due to degradation and/or component expansion or contraction, separations occur which no longer support a watertight environment.  Many times, incorrect caulk use leads to mold/mildew growth.  Inspecting to determine if caulk/grouting is needed to ensure a leak free environment is recommended.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Detectors are designed to save lives.  However, they can only do this if they are working properly.  Checking and testing these devices and replacing their batteries at proper intervals can make the difference between life and death.

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