Expert Witnessing

On occasion we may receive a call from a distressed customer, who has been enduring a very stressful conflict between themselves and a contractor.  They turn to us at the recommendation of their attorney, who is representing them in litigation against the contractor. 

Attorneys will require documentation of the subject property to use in court to submit as evidence.  This is where our inspection process stands above the rest.  It begins with our factual and documentative approach to evaluating the property or component in question.  Our inspector will take the time needed to gather and record all of the pertinent data.  This will then be included in a comprehensive, user-friendly report, inundated with digital photos to depict discrepancies, which may be the subject of the litigation. 

Our Senior home inspector has been used as an expert witness in Delaware county, and has the experience you need to help you make a sound decision as you consider litigation, and/or if you are required to present evidence in court.  With his experience in home construction and rehabilitation, present day building practices, and practical knowledge gained from the thousands of property inspections performed since 1999, he is viewed as a leader in his field among piers.  You can rest assured, you will have the best individual possible to assist you as your professional witness. 

Contact Armored Home Inspection, LLC. We’re here for you whenever your need to consult with an experienced professional arises. 

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