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Limited Inspections

As a property owner, you know that from time to time areas of your home or building will need to be repaired or updated to keep you safe and to maintain the value of your investment.  Maybe you have had a repair already performed by a contractor, and now you are experiencing problems.  Whatever your need, Armored is here to help. 

Our experienced inspection staff can conduct an inspection of any area or system of your home or building to provide you with the professional unbiased opinion you need.  You can avoid the cost of a complete property inspection, and hire our inspector to conduct a limited inspection of the item in question. 

It is possible that you may not know for sure whether or not your heater, roof, or other component is going to need to be replaced.  You could benefit from our Structural and Mechanical inspection.  Our inspector will evaluate the structure, foundation, roof, exterior, and mechanical systems within the home only. ;

This type of limited inspection will provide a baseline assessment of the major components within the property.  You’ll be equipped to make a more informed decision about how to prioritize your home maintenance, and save money in the long run by preventing damage that can be caused by a system or component malfunction. 

Whatever the job, big or small, Armored can provide a limited inspection of the items or component in need of professional evaluation, and give you the peace of mind that comes from the insight of a knowledgeable, certified inspector. 

Limited Inspections - Mechanical and Structurall

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